Dish DVR Receivers

DISH Sets the Standard in DVR Receivers!

DISH merges feature-rich satellite receivers with the power of digital video recording through cutting-edge DishDVR Receivers. Experience television like never before with a DISH DVR receiver. Don’t miss another moment of your favorite DISH programming- replay, pause, record any show- even live TV! You can even skip ahead through commercials using our exclusive 30 Second Skip button! DISH offers DVR receivers to fit every need and budget, from standard definition DVRs to HD DVRs and sling-loaded HD DVRs. Explore the wide variety of DishDVRs to choose from, and make your DISH DVR work for you!

DISH Network SlingLoaded 922 HD DVR Satellite TV ReceiverViP® 922 SlingLoaded™ DVR
The ultimate HD DVR, with built-in TV Everywhere!



DISH Network 722k HD Satellite TV ReceiverDuoDVR™ ViP® 722k
DISH’s top-of-the-line dual-zone HD DVR!



DISH Network 625 DVR Satellite TV ReceiverDuoDVR™ 625
Record 2 programs while watching a third recorded program, all at the same time!



DISH Network 612 HD DVR Satellite TV ReceiverSolo DVR ViP® 612
An advanced DISH HD DVR receiver ideal for any HD home entertainment system!



DISH Network 512 DVR Satellite TV ReceiverSolo DVR 512
Record one show while watching another at the same time, with this DISH Network dual-tuner SD DVR.